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Melasma Package – July Only

Tired of using makeup to hide your Melasma blotches?

Dreaming of spotless, even toned skin?

hyperpigmentation treatment

Our Melasma Package will kick start your journey to spotless skin.  

The Package is only $950, which is a savings of $725:

  • Anti-inflammatory Treatment ($75)

  • Pico Cold Laser Treatment ($1,000)

  • SkinGlo Rejuvenation Facial ($600)

Say goodbye to blotchy skin with our Melasma Package.

Dr. B will treat the causes and symptoms of Melasma, giving you the radiant beauty you deserve.
Melasma Treatment Before and After 4 treatments
Melasma Before and After Treatment


  • Treatment Performed by Experienced MD

  • Addresses Root Causes

  • Reduces Unwanted Pigmentation

  • Rejuvenates Your Skin

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Melasma Laser Treatment
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