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Hydra-Dermabrasion & Microcurrent


Facials should be an important part of your skin care routine. No matter how great your skin care products are and how faithfully you apply them, your skin still needs additional cleaning and balancing to prevent collagen erosion.

Hydra Dermabrasion

Hydra Dermabrasion builds skin immunity with cleanses, peels, exfoliates and hydrates skin using spiral vortex tips.

As the exclusive solution “X-Stream” comes out from the center of the tip, it rotates with a string radial principle, and by sucking waste materials, it is possible to remove wastes from the pores without scratching the skin.

Laser Facials

Microcurrent Facials

Applying microcurrent to the skin helps to stimulate collagen, elastin and facial muscles, creating a lifted, redefined, sculpted appearance. The increased collagen, can prevent future sagging.

The facial can help to increase blood circulation and lymphatic drainage resulting in a reduction in puffiness

The treatment is painless, has no downtime and provides both short-term and long-term results.

We recommend one treatment a month for best results.

Microcurrent facials
Melasma Laser Treatment
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