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Meet Dr. Nelhs Betancourt 

Dr. B and his wife / CFO, Lane.

Dr. B and his wife / CFO, Lane

Hello, my name is Dr. Nelhs Betancourt. My wife Lane and I own Medical Laser and Aesthetics. During our quest for self-improvement, we discovered Aesthetics and Lasers. And a new purpose for our lives. We are both good listeners and good teachers. Skills that are lacking in many medical practices and businesses.

At MLS we are passionate about what we do. Using our knowledge of aesthetics, coupled with the best technology the world has to offer, our purpose is to listen to our patient’s dreams and wishes, then design a scientifically validated plan to safely delivered the desired results. We partner with our patients and suppliers to achieve beauty in our patient’s lives.

I grew up in Puerto Rico. My family was in the coffee roasting business. As a young child, I went to work with my dad every Saturday and learned how to perform every job in the company. My favorite was fixing equipment. When I was 19, my father told me he was going to die in a few months and he made me promise I would support my mother and sister. He died a month before I got married and finished my first college degree. I ran the company, continued my education and raised a family.  

Fast forward 35 years…


I am a Board-Certified Internal Medicine specialist with a Master’s Degree in Preventive Medicine. I am also a Board-Certified Toxicologist and board eligible in Laser Surgery (ABLS). I love art, and completed a bachelor’s degree in art. The emphasis of my career has been on creative endeavors which have included writing and now include beauty as an art form. 

Lasers have a prominent place in my toolbox for restoring beauty and health, and I am dedicated to research, and learn as much as I can to use lasers to correct, enhance and restore the beauty and health we all desire to have. Lasers are not the only tool I use. I can enhance laser results with neuromodulators and/or fillers. I treat melasma and other pigment disorders, tighten lax skin, rejuvenate facial tissue and tissue around the eye or mouth. I also revise scars. I do several modalities using our two lasers to rejuvenate facial and neck tissue without surgery. I also treat snoring (NightLaseTM), vaginal atrophy and dryness (IntimaLaseSM), and remove tattoos.


Finally, but not less important, I offer weight management which is the cornerstone that supports not only overall health, but also a healthy sense of self-esteem. Many doctors do not understand the complex nature of obesity. I took the Blackburn Course in Obesity Medicine at Harvard Medical School. I consulted a medical expert and then lost 45 pounds in 2022. I have kept the weight off for over a year. My knees feel better, I sleep better and my tennis game has improved.


People become my patients because they are confident in my skills, knowledge, and judgement. I take the time to listen to people. I carefully explain each step of the treatment to my patients. I encourage their questions and feedback. I am concerned about their comfort and make treatment changes to accommodate them.


I am passionate about learning, healing and improving patient’s lives. I love being a doctor.

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