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Imagepro® HYBRID 3D Analysis

Facial Analysis

Our most popular service is the facial analysis. The more you know about your face the easier it is to adopt an appropriate face care routine, establish long term goals and decide which treatments will benefit you in the short term and long term.


Our analysis starts with an Imagepro® HYBRID 3D Analysis. The high-resolution 3D technology will map your face in detail to reveal your skin’s wrinkles, potential wrinkles and skin texture in 3D.

Facial analysis results

What Does the Facial Analysis Include

The analysis includes skin aging, skin pigment, oil, UV spots, skin tone, redness, hydration, hyperpigmentation, skin elasticity, wrinkles, pore size, skin texture, and facial symmetry. 

Track & Compare your Facial Analysis Results

The analysis tracks and compare your results from visit to visit.

Then using AI facial recognition technology, the system compares your statistics to others in your age group and indicates area of concern.

During your Consultation

During your consultation, we will listen to your concerns and dreams, evaluate your starting point, recommend realistic goals, and help you define your unique treatment plan.

You will also receive a copy of the report. 

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