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Melasma Requires a
Multifaceted Treatment Approach

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Melasma is a chronic skin pigmentation disorder that is complex and challenging to treat.

Like many chronic health condition, it requires:

  1. A multifaceted treatment approach that addresses it’s the multiple causes and
  2. The best laser available, with the shortest pulse and highest power to reduce melasma without damaging the surrounding areas or inadvertently causing hyper pigmentation.

Treatments are performed by an experienced doctor and the best equipment available.

StarWalker Laser Removal of Pigmented Lesions
High powered, very short laser pulses provide the best option for laser-directed melasma treatment.

These lasers are like snipers – they target the melasma pigment, turning it into many, very small pigmented remnants so that the body can easily remove it from the skin.

Due to their accuracy, these lasers also spare adjacent tissue from damage, and therefore, treatments cause very little or no down-time.

  • Safe and Effective Procedure
  • Little or No Downtime
  • Controlled, Accurate and Precise
  • Ideal for All Skin Types
Melasma Treatment - before and after

Each Person’s Melasma is Unique

Treatments are tailored to the needs of our patients, and they may include microneedling, the use of specially compounded skin lightening cremes (we avoid the use of hydroquinone due to its known side effects), medications such as tranexamic acid, platelet rich plasma application to enhance skin rejuvenation, and non-ablative, fractionated laser treatments to eliminate excess pigment.

Treatments are tolerated extremely well, and down time is minimal.

Treatment Approaches:

  1. Laser Treatment;
  2. Use of sun blocking products to decrease sun exposure;
  3. Supplements that decrease inflammation;
  4. Medications that can be either taken by mouth or applied to the skin;
  5. Measures to balance the hormones that activate melasma;
  6. Skin resurfacing and laser treatments.
Melasma Treatment
Melasma Laser Treatment
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