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Patients experience 30 to 50% reduction in snoring after first treatment. The improvements increase after the second and third treatments.

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Laser Treatment for Snoring

Snoring impacts up to 60% of adults and their sleeping partners!

Snoring is a result of blocked airways and vibrating tissue. There are many factors that contribute to snoring: alcohol, decreased muscles tone, enlarged tonsils or adenoids, deviated septum, nasal congestion, allergies, nasal valve collapse, heavy neck, and BMI over 30. The roof of the mouth has a soft and hard palate. As we all age, the soft palate develops increasing laxity, making it more prone to collapse under pressure. When this softer, less elastic soft palate collapses, it makes the upper airway narrower. This causes the soft palate to vibrate, producing the sound of snoring.

CPAP Snoring Treatment Alternative

Doctors historically send snoring patients for a sleep study and then prescribe a CPAP machine. The CPAP requires frequent cleaning, it is uncomfortable and noisy. When used properly, it does a great job. However, many people hate their CPAP and stop using it. Which defeats it’s purpose.

No CPAP = More Snoring
NightLase = Less Snoring = Increased Health

Laser Treatment for Snoring – NightLase

At certain wavelengths and under certain parameters, lasers can make soft tissue stronger by stimulating the formation of new collagen and elastin. This laser protocol effectively treats snoring. It increases the tensile strength of the soft palate and the adjacent tissue, including the tongue. This procedure is called NightLase®.

NightLase® is a non-invasive intraoral laser therapy which is well tolerated, requires no anesthesia and has none or minimal side effects. The observed side effects are transient mild sore or dry throat. This clears promptly. Published studies in the literature show that patient satisfaction is high, and effects lasted at least 20 months in 71% of patients[1].

NaseLase for Nasal Valve Collapse

Nasal Valve Collapse happens when the space inside or outside your nose (your nares) collapses when you breathe in. It is a common cause of trouble breathing during the day and snoring at night. It is caused by weakening of the nasal cartilage and other supporting structures due to ageing, injury or previous nasal surgery. If you have a deviated septum and you snore, you should have your nose checked for this problem. You can also check for yourself. Place two fingers on your cheeks at each side of your nose. Use the fingers to pull the nasal tissue towards your ears. Does your breathing improve? If so, you may suffer from nasal obstruction due to valve collapse.

For external valve collapse, stand in front of a mirror and hold your tongue up against the roof of your mouth with your mouth closed. While doing this, relax your face and take a quick, deep breath through your nose. If the side of your nostril collapses, you have external valve collapse. However, if the shaft of your nose narrows, you may have internal nasal collapse.

At MLA we can do a procedure called NaseLase. The procedure uses laser energy to strengthen the nasal cartilage and supporting structures. It also decreases the inflammatory component.

There is no surgery, no anesthesia and no downtime.

Dr B’s wife Lane tried had the NightLase and NaseLase procedures. “I have seen the procedures performed many times. They look painful, yet everyone says there was no pain. I am told that I do not snore, but I wanted to experience both procedures, so I could explain them to our patients.”

“Looks like everyone was right, there was no pain.”

Enlarged Tonsils

Tonsils are located on both sides of your throat. When they are enlarged, they block your airway.

At MLA we use the laser to tighten your tonsils, which reduces their size without surgery or downtime.

Enlarged Tonsils


If you want to find out if you snore, you may want to download SnoreLab or any of the many recording apps available to record your sleep time sounds.

 And….if you find out you do snore, call us.


[1] Fini Storchi I, et.al., Outpatient erbium YAG (2940nm) laser treatment for selected snorers, Lasers Med Sci 34(7):1413-1420.

Reference: Picavet, VA et.al., Treatment of snoring using a non-invasive Er:YAG laser with SMOOTH mode (NightLase): a randomized controlled trial, European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology (2023) 280:307-12

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