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Hair Loss

Androgenetic Alopecia is the most common type of hair loss pattern, affecting 50% of women and up to 96% of Caucasian men.

In this condition, due to hormonal effects usually controlled by genetics and other factors, the hair follicle normal function is subdued resulting in a gradually increasing time between the follicle “resting time” (telogen phase)  and the active growth time (anagen phase). The anagen or growth phase is also subdued and, since hair growth stops, hair loss is experienced.

Androgenetic Alopecia is “non-scarring”, meaning there is no permanent destruction of the hair follicle; herein lies the potential to reactivate the dormant hair follicle.

There are many modalities that can be used to restore and maintain our hair. Hair transplants are expensive, and not everyone is a suitable candidate. Then, after the hair transplant you still have to struggle to maintain the hair you got. Of course, we have medications that may help us maintain the hair, but they have to used consistently, or the effects will stop.

Hair loss treatment - before and after


At MLA we have the X-Restart for the Fotona Dynamis SP. This hand piece is the safest and most efficient way of stimulating the hair cycle but improving the blood supply to the hair follicles and increasing the hair shaft density and thickness.

The X-Restart handpiece administers laser energy to the scalp area without causing breakage of the existing hair shafts, a side effect of most hand held handpieces. The X-Restart is designed like a hair brush, and it glides in direct contact with the scalp during the treatment.

This is a non-ablative process, which means there is no damage to the scalp, and no downtime. No anesthesia is necessary, and the treatment is tolerated very well.


Once a month treatment over several months (4-6 visits) are usually required to see results.

HAIRestart Non-Invasive Laser Stimulation

HAIRestartR Treatment for Alopecia (hair loss) 
using the FOTONA X-Restart Laser piece.


  • Improved blood supply of hair follicles
  • Stimulation of the hair cycle
  • Increase in hair density and thickness
  • Prevention of further hair loss


In addition to laser stimulation, the hair follicles need nutrition. We have a variety of serums and experimental treatments available.


Day, Doris, et.al., Non-ablative Er:YAG laser is an effective tool in the treatment arsenal of androgenetic alopecia, Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, 2021.

This study used the same laser we have and patient satisfaction was 100%. (81.2%. (very satisfied) and 18.8% (satisfied). No “not satisfied” patients were recorded in this study).

Melasma Laser Treatment
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