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Are you considering a non-surgical facelift

There are essentially 3 ways of doing this: (1) Fillers (HA, fat transfer, PRF), (2) Threads or (3) Energy (lasers, radiofrequency, high intensity ultrasound).

The first two options are invasive – needles and threads that go into your skin. In most people, both tend to last for a relatively short time, months. Besides fillers can have very serious adverse effects (blindness, tissue necrosis). Threads can cause bruising, and they can migrate, extrude or bunch up.

Both – radiofrequency and high intensity ultrasound are painful, requiring anesthesia in the form of nerve blocks or sedation. Some of these treatments cannot be done in darker skin types, and there is a risk of skin burns.

The pros of having either of the above modalities are – immediate results. The cons are the short duration of the effects, the pain involved, potential for adverse effects, and the fact that none address skin quality.

The Fotona (laser) 4D is an excellent, very customizable option. It addresses most of the aging factors: skin laxity, prominent nasolabial folds, jowls, wrinkles, pigment issues, skin texture and it provides volume. The treatments are non-invasive and well tolerated. Most can be done without anesthesia. The effects are cumulative, increasing with every treatment. No downtime.

Another advantage of the Fotona 4D is that it is very customizable. The treatment can be tailored to the customer’s needs. Periorbital wrinkles or bags? CHECK!. Perioral barcodes? CHECK! Wrinkled neck? CHECK! A little chubby below the chin? CHECK!

Fotona4D non-surgical facelift

And, if you are willing to have several days (3-7) of downtime, skin resurfacing (mild, moderate or deep) can be performed as the last step of the Fotona 4D for amazing skin rejuvenating results.


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