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Total Hand Rejuvenation

Are your hands the tell-tale measure of how old you are?

Yes, like our face, our hands lose volume, wrinkle, develop age spots and the skin thins with the passage of time.

How can we restore our hands’ youthfulness?

Fillers alone do not restore the skin elasticity or suppleness. It does not do anything for the age spots or crepey skin.

MLA has a protocol to restore aging hands to a more youthful appearance. Rather than just offering to inject fillers, we use our two lasers to rebuild the integrity of the skin, restore its suppleness and even its tone.

We use the Fotona Dynamis to give your hands a non-surgical “face lift”. This process creates collagen remodeling, and increases elastin restoring the volume and suppleness lost. After this step, we use our picolaser, the StarWalker PQX, to erase the age spots and even the skin tone. All of these treatments are very well tolerated, and have no downtime.

If, after these two steps, you still need a bit of volume, we inject Restylane Lift. At this point most people require less filler than would have been needed if filler had been used alone to restore volume.

Hands rejuvenation

One treatment with the Dynamis, BEFORE (LEFT) and AFTER (Right)


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