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Under eye dark circles

This is a common problem as people age. It can be due to a genetic predisposition, allergy, sun damage, ageing (skin thinning, loss of bone and fat around the eye), hormonal imbalance, increased pigment/vascularity, and fatigue. Dark circles around the eye make people look tired.

Treatment starts with finding out the most likely cause. Allergies, not sleeping well, ageing and sun damage are the most common causes of dark circles. 

If you suffer from allergy and can’t sleep well because you snore or your partner snores, your problem is multifactorial. In addition, you probably have underlying sun damage and some ageing loss of fat and bone with thinning of the skin under your eyes. All of these factors add up to under-the-eye-dark-circles.

Our laser treatment may be your solution.  A recent review of medical literature regarding lasers and results on periorbital hyperpigmentation showed that 76.4% of patients[1] were satisfied with the results of their laser treatment.

At MLA we address all of these factors during your initial consultation. We can design a treatment plan to improve your dark circles, as well as your or your partner’s snoring. After our hour-long face-to face consultation, we will present you with several options of medical and laser treatments to improve the pigment and ageing disorders that are most likely contributing to your under-the-eye dark circles.

Call for a consultation with our board-certified physician, and the consultation payment will be credited to the cost of any treatment you choose to have. 951-666-0706


[1] Roohaninasab, M. et.al., Effects of laser therapy on periorbital hyperpigmentation: a systematic review on current studies, Lasers in Medical Science, 2021.


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